The students of St Patrick’s wear their uniform with pride.

A school uniform creates a sense of belonging, unity and pride, as well as adding to the tone of the school. It also helps identify our students when engaged in external school activities, such as excursions.

At St Patrick’s, wearing our uniform:

  • Develops in the student a sense of pride in their school
  • Encourages uniformity and aids identification of our students by the implementation of a modern and functional uniform
  • Promotes equality and removes competition between students in regard to fashion items of clothing.

As a parent, you can support our uniform policy by ensuring that your child has all the required uniform pieces and by replacing lost uniform items as needed.

Uniform items (new and used) are available for purchase from St Patrick’s Uniform Shop, operating every Monday afternoon from 2.00pm till 3.00pm, operated by our Parent volunteers.

To contact the school uniform shop, please email: admin@swansea.catholic.edu.au

New uniforms are purchased by using the QKR app. Second-hand uniforms are sometimes available and can be purchased using either EFTPOS or cash.