Principal's Message

Principal, Lucy Harvey, with St Pat's students

St Patrick’s Primary School, Swansea is a proud Catholic school built on Awabakal land. Our school is steeped in tradition and shared beliefs. Founded by the Sisters of St Joseph’s, we take great pride in our Josephite heritage.

St Patrick’s provides an education for children in the Parish of Jesus the Good Shepherd, East Lake Macquarie. We are committed to creating and fostering a caring community where parents, teachers and students work together in mutual support and respect. It is this community aspect of the faith we share that sets the tone of our Catholic school.

The positive relationships which exist amongst the staff, students, parents and parish are evident and highly visible in our community. We foster open and honest communication. All members of our community are valued as people who are created in the image of Jesus.

Our staff are dedicated, hard-working and professional. We all strive to provide the best environment for our students to grow in all facets of life. We cater to their spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs. Our aim is to encourage lifelong learning and wellbeing. We are a school that is forward thinking. Our focus is on developing in our students, the skills needed to be active and responsible citizens of the future.

St Patrick’s is a community with a culture of continuous improvement. Our teaching staff demonstrate a deep understanding of how students learn. We strive to deliver the curriculum in a variety of approaches, including the use of technology within contemporary learning spaces. Our classrooms are inviting, and active learning is evident. Our children are engaged and encouraged to express themselves and share their skills, passions and knowledge with one another. We strive to create critical and creative thinkers.

St Patrick’s is blessed with a picturesque setting, with vistas of Black Ned’s Bay along our playground. We are strongly committed to the philosophy and pedagogy of Early Learning as this is the cornerstone on which to build successful foundations for students to flourish in their learning and wellbeing.

At St Patrick’s, we provide quality support for students with additional needs in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. We believe all students are capable of learning successfully when motivated and given the appropriate learning opportunities. As a Gifted Education Lead School, (GEL) we are able to identify our gifted learners and provide opportunities for all students to be engaged, challenged and extended.

Our school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities including public speaking, debating, lunch clubs, Tournament of the Minds, guitar lessons and sport. There are plenty of opportunities for students to pursue their various interests and talents.

We look forward to building strong relationships with our families, knowing that together we work in partnership to enliven our mission, vision and values.

Lucy Harvey