Anti Bullying

The role of our school, in partnership with parents and caregivers, is to nurture young people by providing optimum levels of support in learning, in positive interpersonal relationship experiences and in social support networks.

Bullying behaviour conflicts with the core values and purpose of our school. We identify, name and address bullying behaviour to ensure St Patrick’s Primary School works towards creating and sustaining an authentic Christian school culture.

The school’s Anti-Bullying Policy aims to:

  1. Assist staff members to prevent, reduce and respond appropriately to bullying behaviour, including cyberbullying
  2. Promote a proactive attitude to and clear understanding of school processes when addressing allegations of bullying
  3. Facilitate a consistent approach to the management of record-keeping processes in relation to bullying investigations
  4. Actively promote a school environment free from the fear of bullying, harassment, intimidation and victimisation.