Parent Engagement Group

Our diocese school communities now have a choice and can decide whether they have:

  1. A formally constituted Parents and Friends Association (P&F)
  2. A Parent Engagement Group (PEG)

Both options allow for parents and carers to gather and work in partnership with their child’s school to share the work and decision making in the education of their child.

At St Patrick’s we have a Parent Engagement Group (PEG). Our PEG meetings are held twice a term, on Wednesday in week 2 and Wednesday in week 7 of each term. During the COVID-19 restrictions, these meetings take place through Zoom.  

The meetings provide an opportunity for an exchange of ideas on policy, curriculum, school activities and fundraising. At each meeting there is  also an educative component that aims to keep the parents and carers informed about curriculum, wellbeing, strategic directions and other matters. All parents and carers are warmly invited to attend our meetings.