Creative Arts

Our aim in teaching music is to develop in our students an awareness of the expressive elements of beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo, tone, colour, texture, form and style. We also aim to provide our students with an enjoyable experience of music. We offer many opportunities for our students to listen critically, and to create and perform their own music. Music is both a necessary and enjoyable part of our school’s curriculum.

The students of Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to participate in ASPIRE, an initiative of the Catholic Schools Office to showcase the talents of students in music, singing, dance and drama.

Our students also have the opportunity through The Music Bus organisation to learn a musical instrument. Music Bus teaches keyboard, guitar, ukulele, drums and singing. The lessons are taught once per week in a hi-tech mobile classroom that visits the school. This is an optional program.

The school’s Visual Arts program exposes students to a variety of artistic techniques. These include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital art, fibre, photography and ceramics. During the weeks leading up to St Patrick’s Day each year, we run an art competition and the winning artworks are displayed in the school foyer.